Voxel 1.5


  • Support link previews, videos, gifs in the timeline
  • Search posts in the timeline
  • Hashtag support
  • Support for rich text / code snippets (Discord like)
  • Follow requests
  • Conditions based on user being a follower of that post or user

Post submission

  • Share to newsfeed action after post submission

Post feed

  • Display followers widget
  • Order by number of followers


  • Webhooks for App events

1.6 update

General search archive template
Column control for submission fields for design customizability
Post feed: Infinite scroll
Post feed tabs: To switch between different preview cards (List/Card)
Post feed: Masonry mode
New filter: Combination of quick search and term search to be used on regular search form.
Conditional filters
Open Street maps / Leaflet
Expand customizability of map markers

1.6.5 update

Request a quote product mode
Crowdfunding product mode.
Currency converter/local currency
Infinite scroll
Mod: Math calculations between dynamic tags and/or static values

1.7 updates

This update will be focused on alternative payment gateway support to cover more countries around the world. More details will follow closer to release.

1.8 update

Support for more page builders

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