Voxel 1.4 is now available
The WordPress
Dynamic Theme.

Build Advanced Dynamic Sites, Directories, and Platforms with Voxel

Works with

Structure the site

Visually create and manage WordPress Post types, Meta fields, Taxonomies and more.

Dynamic data

Easily implement dynamic data to populate your designs via Voxel dynamic tags.

Design your theme

Design all templates from scratch for full creative control.
No hardcoded templates.

Visibility rules

Control the visibility of any element, container or entire pages based on advanced conditions.

Search & Display

Search, filter and display your posts from any CPT. Scale beyond WordPress limitations with Voxel Search.

Product types

Turn any WordPress post into a product that can be sold, subscribed to, or booked.


Send in-site and email notifications when events are triggered or connect to 3rd party apps via Flowmattic or SureTriggers integrations.


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