Hello Voxel

Create advanced dynamic websites with no coding involved. 

Voxel is now available in Beta stage

A theme and a framework

Voxel allows you to build complex WordPress sites 

from the ground up with no coding involved. 

Single ecosystem

Everything included in a single package. No convoluted plugins, no compatibility issues.

Supercharged WordPress

Build a custom theme from the ground up tailored for your project, using the same building blocks developers use, except no coding involved.

Fast & Efficient

Designed from the ground up for optimal speed and performance. Powerful yet lightweight like a starter theme.

Built for Elementor

Voxel lets you turn any Elementor layout into a fully dynamic and functional component of your site. 



Post types

  • Create custom post types
  • Manage existing post types (native or 3rd party)
  • Insert and configure custom fields
  • Setup search forms
  • Front-end submission form
  • Design templates via Elementor

Dynamic tags

  • Turn your Elementor designs to fully functional templates
  • Pull data dynamically to Elementor widgets
  • Combine data from multiple fields and sources
  • Apply mods to modify data before output
  • Conditions

Custom fields

  • 20+ Custom fields
  • Field repeaters
  • Conditional logic
  • Post relations (Not available on current build)

Design templates

  • Headers, footers and all the basics
  • Post type templates: Single, archive, submission, preview.
  • Profile templates
  • Membership, orders pricing etc.

Search form builder

  • Create advanced filters
  • Post type specific
  • Able to sync with post feed and map widgets dynamically
  • Ajax powered
  • Content indexing for fast queries

Post feed

  • Display posts from any post type
  • Able to sync with search forms and maps dynamically
  • Default queries available
  • Optional carousel
  • Grid options via CSS grid

Maps and geolocation

  • Google maps
  • Custom markers
  • Search as I move the map
  • Mapbox (Not available in Beta)
  • Open Street Maps (Not available in Beta)


  • Create and manage taxonomies
  • Design term templates: Archive, preview card
  • Reorder terms

Front-end submission

  • Front-end submission and editing
  • Compatible with any post type
  • Multi step compatible
  • Back-end submission (Not available in Beta)

Login & Registration

  • Login & Registration
  • Complete profile after registration
  • Paid membership

Paid membership

  • Paid or free membership plans
  • Recurring subscriptions via Stripe
  • Content access restriction for users
  • Submission field restrictions for post authors
  • Custom restriction conditions

Visibility conditions

  • Visibility rules for widgets, containers, sections, columns, or entire documents and pages
  • Conditions and rule groups
  • Conditions based on status, value, dynamic tags etc.


  • Pull data from repeatable fields and objects
  • Create your design in Elementor
  • Populate and loop your design dynamically

Products, Bookings

& Appointments

  • Product type creator
  • Bookings and appointments
  • Multi vendor
  • Commisions (Fixed or percentage)
  • Instant payments to vendors
  • Availability search
  • Powered by Stripe Connect

Timeline and status updates

  • Timeline feed for users and posts
  • Newsfeed
  • Integrated reviews
  • Following and followers

User profiles

  • Insert and configure custom fields
  • Design templates with Elementor
  • Configure profile creation form
  • Configure user search forms


  • Built in payments and subscriptions
  • Powered by Stripe


  • Create collections on the fly
  • Add posts to your collections
  • Share them with your friends
  • Not available in Beta

Direct messages

  • Message users
  • Message posts/listings
  • Not available in Beta


  • On-site notifications
  • Activity, booking, account notifications
  • Email notifications

Voxel BETA demo

Voxel Stays

This demo best showcases how you can use Voxel to build a real estate rental directory with multi-vendor booking

More demos

Voxel is a multi purpose theme that can be used to create websites and platforms for various niches. To showcase that, we plan to release a number of demos that can be easily imported and help you get started.



Some of the demos that we plan to release:

  • Stays (Available in Beta)
  • City guide
  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Classified ads
  • Doctor appointments
  • Car search
  • Tours & Travel
  • Movie & Video games
  • Portfolio

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