Voxel is the next generation WordPress theme from the creators of the popular directory theme MyListing. It provide a new way in building smart, complex and dynamic WordPress sites from the ground up.

To buy a Voxel license you can go to the Pricing page and subscribe to the plan that best fits your purpose. 

An active Voxel license includes:

  • Any Voxel updates released during the time your subscription is or was active. 
  • Customer support during the time your subscription is active

Voxel provides a couple of different pricing plans, each with a different number of website activations included for production and staging. See pricing plans table for exact details.

If you don’t activate Voxel on your site, certain Voxel features will not be accessible

Once you activate Voxel, you will receive updates automatically. You can go to WP-admin > Appearance > Themes > to install those updates

When you cancel your subscription, you can keep using Voxel on your site and no theme features will be impacted as long as you don’t remove the license key.

However, your site will not receive automatic updates.

You can upgrade your subscription by visiting the subscriptions page.

Open the order and click License information accordion, then click View available upgrades 

You cannot resell Voxel as a standalone product but you can bundle it with your client project.


If you are using Voxel for client work, you can include Voxel in the end-product that it is sold to your client.


However, 27collective will provide access to customer support only to the account holder on this platform.


Sharing account details on this platform with your clients or other people outside your internal team is prohibited and can result in a permanent ban.

Voxel does not require any premium 3rd party plugins.

Everything we advertise will be included with your purchase.


  • PHP 7.3 or higher
  • MySQL 8
  • If your server does not support MySQL 8, then you can use MariaDB 10.3 or higher
  • 64MB of memory limit

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