Submitted by duncanhesketh

USER Registration process not working

  • Solved
  • July 26, 2023 14:16



I have tried on different browsers and same result. – Code doesn’t work. I receive the verification code via email – enter it – pop up message states “Please try again.” I have had a few customers stating they too cannot register” and sent me the white screen they see,. 


If i disable the “email verification” then registration works but this would open platform to spam so not ideal. I have had to disable for now just so people can register across all the sites that use Voxel now.  


Please can you advise why this would not be working and have tried other voxel sites we have and seems to be the same for them.


2/  When someone “logs out” of their account they are taken to a blank screen and not home page or sign up page? Sometimes when they click “sign in” it just shows a blank white screen too

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