Voxel 1.0 Launch roadmap

This roadmap outlines the focus for upcoming Voxel updates up to 1.0 launch.

Few things to know

  • All Voxel features that were internally planned & advertised will be completed during this period.
  • The roadmap outlines the focus, it doesn’t go into details. Updates aimed at general improvements and fixes will continue to be released regularly in between major updates. 
  • While feature requests and improvements that we consider to be essential will be addressed during this period, other feature requests will be reviewed post launch as we stated before
  • Voxel 1.0 marks the start of post launch development stage. 
  • This roadmap is an estimate and is subject to change.

Currently working on


  • Fine tune all membership related features.
  • Support for free membership plans
  • Field visibility: Show hide fields based on membership plan on create post form
  • Manually assign membership plan to users in back-end.


Search & Maps

  • Preset range filters e.g Today, This week etc.
  • Quick Search
  • Menu popup: Improve performance when a lot of terms are present
  • Number of results dynamic tag
  • Drag and drop upload for file field
  • Recurring dates dynamic tags.



  • Direct messages: User to user and User to post 
  • User meta: Show profile fields
  • Claim post
  • Collections
  • Back-end submission forms.
  • Color picker custom field
  • New demo available: City Guide


Products: Part II

This is one of the two updates focused on Products, Bookings and multi vendor aspect

Admin mode:

  • View sitewide orders as admin
  • Vide sitewide sale statistics as admin

Virtual products option.

Share digital file with customer when purchase is complete


Voxel 1.0

  • Mapbox support
  • Voxel addon for WP all import 
  • New demo available: Jobs
  • New demo available: Events
  • New demo available: Movie & Video game reviews

Post 1.0

These features/demos were mentioned in the pre-launch roadmap but now have been moved to post 1.0 roadmap. We consider them to be non essential at this stage so we are using that time to focus on more important aspects.

  • Term feed widget. Similar to post feed but intended to display taxonomy terms.
  • Sync with iCal: Useful to avoid double bookings if the same item is being sold on other platforms
  • Tours & Travels demo
  • Classified ads demo
  • Portfolio demo
  • Math modifiers
  • Delete my account and export account data
  • Open street maps.
Post 1.0 roadmap will also include popular feature requests and will be made available after this roadmap is complete.

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