• 1 year ago

Post type editor: General tab​

The general tab is divided into a few subsections or tabs


Contains basic post type settings:

  • Singular name
  • Plural name
  • Icon

The names you set here are used on the site front-end to reference posts of this type

Post submission:

Contains options related to publishing and editing.

– Option to control the status of a post when it is initially submitted.

– Option to control the status of a post when it is edited.

Timeline & Reviews:

The options here are related to the Timeline (27) Elementor widget, and control the behaviour of that widget if used within posts of this type.


Configure map markers for posts. There are three marker types:

  • Icon (Static)
  • Image (Static or Dynamic)
  • Text (Static or dynamic)

The text marker is compatible with “Voxel dynamic tags” and can be used to output field values dynamically on a map marker such as price (seen on the Stays demo)


Set the post type permalink base for posts of this type