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Post type editor: Fields

Post type fields make up the submission form of the post type.

You can add and configure fields for a post type in wp-admin > Post types > Edit post type > Fields tab.

The list of available fields:

Custom fields

  • Text:
    Input and output plain text
  • Number:
    Input and output plain numbers
  • Switcher:
    On / Off field that returns true or false values.
  • Text editor
    Used to input and output rich text
  • Taxonomy:
    Input and output taxonomy terms. (single select or multi select) Taxonomies can be created when adding this field, or in wp-admin > Taxonomies.
  • Product:
    Displays the product creation form on the post submission page. It uses as a source a product type created in wp-admin > Product types
  • Phone:
    Input and output phone number
  • URL:
    Input and output URLs
  • Email:
    Input and output email
  • Location:
    Input and output address or coordinates. Map widgets use these values to display map markers
  • Work hours: 
    Input work hours which can be output on the work hours widget
  • Image:
    Upload a single image and  outputs image ID and other image data.
  • Date:
    Calendar picker for a single date, outputs plain text.
  • Recurring date:
    Calendar picker for date ranges and recurring dates
  • Select:
    Select and output a single option
  • File:
    Upload files and outputs file ID and other relevant information

Preset fields available

  • Title
  • Description
  • Timezone
  • Location
  • Email
  • Logo
  • Cover image
  • Gallery
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Event date
  • Work hours
  • Profile name (Available for Profiles only)
  • Profile picture (Available for Profiles only)

Special fields

  • Repeater:
    When we need to input repeating content to our post (e.g restaurant menus, team members) the solution is to use repeaters.
    You can add custom fields within repeaters including other repeaters.
  • Related posts:
    Used to create relations between different posts

UI related fields

UI fields only appear on the post submission form. They can be used to organize the fields in sections/steps or provide information to help with the submission

  • UI Image
  • UI heading
  • UI Step