• 1 year ago

Editing a post type

The post types available on your site are listed on wp-admin > Post types. The post types are divided into two categories:

  • Custom post types:
    Displays the custom post types you have created or are managing with Voxel. To edit a post type, click “Edit with Voxel” button.
  • Other post types
    Includes post types created by WordPress or 3rd party plugins that Voxel has detected. If you want to edit these post types with Voxel, click “Manage with Voxel” button


The post type editor is divided into four main sections

  • General:
    Contains general post type settings
  • Fields:
    Add and configure post type fields
  • Templates:
    Contains the list of templates related to the post type
  • Filtering:
    Add and configure filters